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Issue 22

Wasafiri 22

Issue 22: Autumn 1995

Interviews with Biyi Bandele and Kazuo Ishiguro

Poetry by Kamau Brathwaite, Martin Bennett, Paula Burnett, Jayanta Mahapatra, Okello Oculi and Olu Oguibe

Articles on Africa95, zimbabwean writing, writing of the Chinese diaspora, Ousmane Sembène and Shakespeare in Africa

Reviews of Jackie Kay's Other Lovers, Buchi Emecheta Kehinde, E A Markham's  Letter From Ulster and the Hugo Poems and Chenjerai Hove's Shebeen Tales: Messages from Harare


Anthony Ilona
Crossing the River: A Chronicle of the Black Diaspora

Elaine Savory
Poem: miranda: the first voicing

Marina Maxwell
For Women Going Under and other poems

McDonald Dixon
Poem: Columbus Again

Paul Neville
Fiction: ‘…  A Free and Cheerful Living  …’

Melvin E Lewis
Poems: Doors 25 and Doors 26

Maya Jaggi
Interviews Kazuo Ishiguro

A Robert Lee
Imagined Cities of China: Timothy Mo’s London, Sky Lee’s Vancouver, Fae Myenne Ng’s San Francisco and Gish Jen’s New York

Jayanta Mahapatra
Poems: The Waiting and The Unease of Quiet Sleep

Martin Bennett
First Rains: Kaduna Market and other poems

Paula Burnett
Poems: Leaving By Ferry and Late September

Nana Yaa Mensah
africa95 : Moving Out of My Father’s House

Angus Calder
The New Zimbabwean Writing and Chimurenga

Okello Oculi
Malam O and other poems

Stephanie Newell
Women in the African Setting … at the University of Stirling

Manfred Malzahn
Shakespeare in Africa: Reflections on the Teaching of English Literature Abroad

Olu Oguibe
Poem: All Because I Loved You

Nahem Yousaf
Ousmane Sembène and Rhetorical Film Form

Latisha L Lartigue
Fiction: Inch’ Allah

Rosa Diez-Tagarro
Interviews Biyi Bandele-Thomas

Owen Gallagher
A Common History and other poems

M Athar Tahir
Transition and other poems

Robert Bush
National Curriculum English: The Final Version

Beryl Gilroy
The Oral Culture — Effects and Expression

B W Benyon
Poems: Katatjuta, The Olgas and In The Tropical City

Ritu Bhatia
Fiction: The Servant

Kamau Brathwaite
A Post-Cautionary Tale of the Helen of Our Wars

Kamau Brathwaite
Poem: Days & Nights or Jean Rhys & Cynthia Wilson

Kenneth Ramchand
Obituary for Andrew Salkey, 1928­ –1995


Alison Donnell
E A Markham Letter From Ulster and The Hugo Poems
Jackie Kay Other Lovers
Fred D’Aguiar  British Subjects

Markman Ellis
Paul Edwards and Polly Rewt, ed Ignatius Sancho, Letters (1782)

Nigel Rigby
Gad Heuman 'The Killing Time’: The Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica

Ada Adeghe
Buchi Emecheta Kehinde

Gaele Sobott-Mogwe
Stephen Gray, ed South African Plays

Jo Evans
Farida Karodia A Shattering of Silence
Denis Hirson, ed The Heinemann Book of South African Short Stories

Megan Sterne
Alice Walker The Complete Short Stories

Rashmi Sadan
K S Maniam The Return

John McRae
K S Maniam Sensuous Horizons

John McLeod
Kenneth W Harrow Thresholds of Change in African Literature: The Emergence of a Tradition

Senorina Wendoh
Chenjerai Hove Shebeen Tales: Messages from Harare

Cicely Palser Havely
Nilufer E Bharucha and Vilas Sarang, ed Indian-English Fiction 1980-1990: An Assessment

Keith Jardim
V Ramsamooj Gosine The Coming of Lights

Sybil Oldfield
Jana Gohrisch (Un)Belonging? Geschlecht, Klasse, Rasse and Ethnizität in der britischen Gegenwartsliteratur
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