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Issue 38

Wasafiri 38: World Poetry

Issue 38: Spring 2003

World Poetry

Interviews with Regie Cabico, Ishle Park, Kelwyn Sole and Andreas Serrano

Poems by Pinkie Mekgwe, Hima Raza and Steve Yao

Articles on Caribbean women’s poetry, Black British poetry and contemporary trends in Persian poetry

Reviews of Tayo Olafioye's A Carnival of Looters, Hima Raza's Left-Hand Speak, Niyi Osundare's The Word is an Egg, Nalo Hopkinson's Skin Folk and David Odinaka Nwamadi's The Age of Maggots


Laura Chrisman and Steve Yao

Simon Lewis
Interviews Kelwyn Sole

Kelwyn Sole
Karoo and other poems

Denise deCaires Narain
The Politics and Poetics of Belonging in Caribbean Women’s Poetry

Robert Chrisman
Olmecca and other poems

Richard Dyer
Interviews Andreas Serrano

Hima Raza
Eid Mubarak Uncle Sam and other poems

Steve Yao
Towards a Taxonomy of Hybridity

Steve Yao
A Diary of Apples and other poems

Lisa Yun
Interviews Regie Cabico and Ishle Park

Kwame Dawes
Black British Poetry: Some Considerations

Anjali Nerlekar
Of Mothers, Among Other Things: The Sources of A K Ramanujan’s Poetry

Pinkie Mekgwe
Journeying and other poems

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak
Contemporary Trends in Persian Poetry


Steward Brown
A L McLeod, ed Wings of the Evening: Selected Poems of Vivian Virtue
Kwame Dawes Midlands
Edward Baugh It was the Singing
Pamela Mordecai Certifiable

Lawrence Scott
Patricia Ismond Abandoning Dead Metaphors: the Caribbean Phase of Derek Walcott’s Poetry

Meredith Miller
Hima Raza Left-Hand Speak

Tiro Sebina
Pinkie Mekgwe Sunshine at Midnight

Ashok Bery
Jahan Ramazani The Hybrid Muse: Postcolonial Poetry in English

E A Markham
Paula Burnett Derek Walcott: Politics and Poetics
Maria Cristina Fumagalli The Flight of the Vernacular: Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott and the Impress of Dante

Bole Butake
David Odinaka Nwamadi The Age of Maggots: Poems

Oladipo Agboluaje
Romanus Egudu Prayer of the Powerless
Tope Omoniyi Farting Presidents and Other Poems

Sherally Munshi
Tayo Olafioye A Carnival of Looters by

Tope Omoniyi
Niyi Osundare The Word is an Egg

Hyacinth M Simpson
Nalo Hopkinson Skin Folk

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