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Issue 39

Wasafiri 39

Issue 39: Summer 2003

Interviews with Nadine Gordimer and Caryl Phillips

by Michael Hampton and Rabindra Swain

Fiction by Tanvir Bush, Michael Sposito and Chika Unigwe

Art Essay on Fred Wilson

Articles on Salman Rushdie's Shame, the politics of representation in Selvon's Lonely Londoners and the politics of hybridity in Zadie Smith's White Teeth

Reviews of Zadie Smith's The Autograph Man, Hanif Kureishi's The Body and Seven Stories, Tabish Khair's Babu Fictions and Kwame Dawes's New and Selected Poems



Hermione Lee
Interviews Nadine Gordimer

Martin Bennet
Mardi-Gras and other poems

Laura Moss
The Politics of Everyday Hybridity: Zadie Smith’s White Teeth

Michael Hampton
Poem: The Silent Tongue

Richard Dyer
Fred Wilson Represents the USA at the 50th Venice Biennale

Douglas Field
Interviews Caryl Phillips

The 2003 World Service Short Story Winners
Tanvir Bush
Fiction: Just Another Street Story

Chika Unigwe
Fiction: Borrowed Smile

Michael Sposito
Fiction: What Else Could I Tell Him?

Kerstin W Shands and Himansu S Mohapatra
Reading the Figure of the Body in Gopinath Mohanty’s High Tide Ebb Tide

Rabindra K Swain
Living by an Absence of a House and other poems

Nick Bentley
Black London: The Politics of Representation in Sam Selvon’s Lonely Londoners

Melvin E Lewis
Poem: We are always close to the sea

Robert Fraser
Mapping the Mind: Borders, Migration and Myth

John Haynes
Poem: Ballade of the Petrol Queue

Hima Raza
Unravelling Sharam: Narrativisation as a Political Act in Salman Rushdie’s Shame

Aamer Hussein
Obituary: Hima Raza 1975 – 2003


Sukhdev Sandhu
Zadie Smith The Autograph Man
Jilian Jarrold, dir White Teeth

Simon Gikandi
A History of Black and Asian Writing in Britain, 1700 – 2000

Ruvani Ranasinha
Hanif Kureishi The Body and Seven Stories

Anastasia Valassopoulos
Ronald Segal Islam’s Black Slaves A History of Africa’s Black Diaspora

Anna Clarke
Tabish Khair Babu Fictions: Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Novels

Cecile Sandten
Thomas Cartelli Repositioning Shakespeare: National Formations, Postcolonial Appropriations
Geraldo de Sousa Shakespeare’s Cross-Cultural Encounters

Pumla Gqola
Eldred Durosimi Jones and Marjorie Jones, ed ALT3: South and Southern African Literature
Wendy Woodward, Patricia Hayes and Gary Minkley, ed Deep Histories: Gender and Colonialism in Southern Africa

Kaori Nagai
Elleke Boehmer The National and the Postcolonial 1890-1920: Resistance in Interaction

Susanne Mühleisen
Ed Christian, ed The Post-Colonial Detective

Ian Dieffenthaller
E A Markham A Rough Climate
Kwame Dawes New and Selected Poems 1994-2002

Alison Donnell
Tobias Döring Caribbean-English Passages: Intertextuality in a Postcolonial Tradition
Denise deCaires Narain Contemporary Caribbean Women’s Poetry: Making Style

Dave Gunning
Helen Gilbert and Anna Johnston, ed In Transit: Travel, Text, Empire
Lars Ole Sauerberg Intercultural Voices in Contemporary British Literature: The Implosion of Empire
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