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Issue 43

Wasafiri 43: Global Cinema

Issue 43: Winter 2004

Global Cinema

Interviews with Isaac Julien and Ashim Ahluwalia

Articles on Anna May Wong, new cinema from the Islamic world, Asian cinema culture in Coventry, Nollywood videos and Pashto horror films in Pakistan

Reviews of Joseph Gugler's African Film: Re-Imagining a Continent, Peter Cowie's Revolution: The Explosion of World Cinema in the Sixties and David Murphy's Sembene: Imagining Alternatives in Film and Fiction, Yinka Sunmonu's Cherish, Feroza Jussawalla's Chiffon Saris and Raman Mundair's Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves



Sukhdev Sandhu

Kodwo Eshun
Twilight City: The Archaeopsychic Geographies of New Londo

Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu
Forgetting Anna May Wong

S F Said
New Cinema From the Islamic World

Ilona Halberstadt
Inconvenient Histories: Anand Patwardhan’s War and Peace

Richard Dyer
Interviews Isaac Julien

Mark Sinker
Towards a Retrieval of a Memory of a Shape of Things to Come

Nirmal Puwar and Kuldip Powar
Kabhi Ritz, Kabhie Palladium: Asian Cinema Culture in Coventry: 1940–1980

Akin Adesokan
Loud in Lagos: Nollywood Videos

Milan Hulsing
Talks to Ashim Ahluwalia: Gutter Cinema in Contemporary India

Milan Hulsing
Pashto Horror Films in Pakistan


Mark Cousins
Joseph Gugler African Film: Re-Imagining a Continent
Peter Cowie Revolution: The Explosion of World Cinema in the Sixties
David Murphy Sembene: Imagining Alternatives in Film and Fiction

Gareth Evans
Films By Michael Ondaatje, including The Clinton Special, Son’s of Captain Poetry and Carry on Crime and Punishment

Bilge Ebiri
Turhan Feyizoglu Yilmaz Guney: Bir Cirkin Kral (Yilmaz Guney: An Ugly King)

Jonathan Morley
Lynne Macedo Fiction and Film: The Influence of Cinema on Writers from Jamaica and Trinidad

Dirk Naguschewski
Sada Niang Djibril Diop Mambety: Un Cinéaste à contre-courant
Anny Wynchank Djibril Diop Mambety: ou le voyage du voyant

Florian Stadtler
Vijay Mishra Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire by
Rachel Dwyer and Divia Patel Cinema India: The Visual Culture of Hindi Film

Mita Banerjee
Jigna Desai Beyond Bollywood

Satinder Chohan
Barbara Korte and Claudia Sternberg Bidding for the Mainstream? Black and Asian British Film Since the 1990s

Anthony Ilona
James Procter Dwelling Places: Postwar black British Writing
Sukhdev Sandhu London Calling: How Black and Asian Writers Imagined a City

Steffen Krueger
Yinka Sunmonu Cherish

Michael Niblett
Lawrence Scott Night Calypso
David Dabydeen Our Lady of Demerara

Neville Grant
South African Theatre in the Melting Pot: Interviews with Rolf Solberg

Devon Campbell-Hall
Feroza Jussawalla Chiffon Saris
Raman Mundair Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves

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