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Issue 55

Wasafiri 55: Writing China

Issue 55: Autumn 2008

Writing China

Interviews with Lin Bai, Yan Lianke, Li Rui and Mo Yan

Poems by Duo Duo and Yin Lichuan

Fiction by Lin Bai

Articles on
‘Symbolic Revolutions’, ‘Pretty Women’s Writing’, and art, amnesia, nostalgia and fashion in Shanghai

Reviews of Amartya Sen's Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny, Binoo K John's Entry from the Backside Only, Anupama Chandrasekhar's Free Outgoing, Xiaolu Guo's 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth,  Tahmima Anam's The Golden Age, Donna Weir-Soley's First Rain and Benjamin Kwakye's The Sun By Night



Suman Gupta
Editorial: Writing China

Gregory B Lee
Between the Fall of the Gang of Four and the Rise of Best-Sellers: Modern China’s Long Decade

Shao Yanjun
A Study of the Phenomenon of ‘Pretty Women’s Writing’: Weihui, Mianmian, Chunshu

John Balcom
Bridging the Gap: Contemporary Chinese Literature from a Translator’s Perspective

Li Rui
Well Sweep (translated by John Balcom)

Suman Gupta
Interviews with Li Rui, Mo Yan, Yan Lianke and Lin Bai (translated by Xiao Cheng)

Lin Bai
Excerpt from The Fatal Flight (translated by Xiao Cheng)

Duo Duo
Poems (translated by Gregory B Lee)

Yin Lichuan
Poems (translated by Xiao Cheng)

Samuel Y Liang
Amnesiac Monument, Nostalgic Fashion: Shanghai’s New Heaven and Earth

Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien
Symbolic Revolutions: Xu Bing and his Language Art

Louis James
Obituary: E A (Archie) Markham (1939 - 2008)


Bruce King
Amartya Sen Identity & Violence: The Illusion of Destiny
Binoo K John Entry from the Backside Only: Hazaar Fundas of Indian-English
Anupama Chandrasekhar Free Outgoing

Deborah Madsen
Kwai-yun Li The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories
Xiaolu Guo 20 Fragments of a Ravenous Youth

Mithu Banerji
Tahmima Anam The Golden Age

Sudeep Ghosh
Donna Weir-Soley First Rain

Tobias Robert Klein
Benjamin Kwakye The Sun by Night

Lizzy Attree
Siphiwo Mahala When a Man Cries
Niq Mhlongo After Tears

Dimple Godiwala
John Agard We Brits
Colin Chambers Here We Stand: Politics Performers and Performance: Charlie Chaplin, Paul Robeson and Isadora Duncan

Tabish Khair
Joan Barbara Simon The Red Room
Jim Kavanagh and Richard Dyer A Western Journey

Ali Alizadeh
E A Markham Lambchops with Sally Goodman
Kamau Brathwaite Words Need Love Too

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