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Issue 68, Summer 2011

Wasafiri 68: Writers at Bush House

Wasafiri 68: Writers at Bush House

Fiction and Life Writing by Mulk Raj Anand, Annabel Dilke, Vesna Goldsworthy and Hamid Ismailov

Poems by Mick Delap, Miguel Molina and Jerzy Ficowski

Interviews with Nicholas Rankin, John Tusa and Anwar Hamed

Art Essay on Bush House in images

Articles and non fiction prose by Colin Grant and Bill Schwarz

Reviews of Anthony Rudolf's Zigzag, Mirza Waheed's The Collaborator, William Parry's Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine, Helon Habila's Oil on Water, Dinaw Mengestu's How to Read the Air, E C Osondu's Voice of America and Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani's I Do Not Come to You by Chance



Marie Gillespie

Zinovy Zinik
Goldberg's Variations

Eva Nieto McAvoy
'A Spaniard Discovers England': Arturo Barea and the BBC Latin American Service

Bill Schwarz
The Strange Creolisation of Anglophone Caribbean Letters

Susheila Nasta
Sealing a Friendship: George Orwell and Mulk Raj Anand at the BBC (1941 - 43)

Mulk Raj Anand
London As I See It

A Photo Sequence: South Asian Broadcasting

Sophie West
An Interview with John Tusa

Zinovy Zinik
An Interview with Nicholas Rankin

A Photo Sequence: African Theatre

Anna Aslanyan
An Interview with Zina Rohan

Sophie West
An Interview with Anwar Hamed

Marie Gillespie
Letters to and from Bush House

Bush House in Images
Art Essay: Ian Richardson and John Riddy

Bush House in Words
Nazes Afroz
Excerpt from Home and Abroad

Khaled al-Berry
Excerpt from Life is More Beautiful Than Paradise

Ravil Bukharaev
The BBC and Poetry

Mick Delap
Poem: Bush House,  London, BBC World Service radio 1999

Annabel Dilke
Excerpt: from The Party Wall

Sasha Dugdale
Memoir: Tea at Bush House

David Edmonds
Memoir: Room SE601

Jerzy Ficowski
Poem: The Seven Words Translated from the Polish by Keith Bosley and Krystyna Wandycz

Vesna Goldsworthy
Excerpt: from Chernobyl Strawberries

Colin Grant
Excerpt: Prologue to Negro With a Hat

Hamid Ismailov
Fiction: E kabo dara ju e kule lo

Salwa Jarrah
Excerpt: translated from Insomnia

Priyath Liyanage
Poem: Soldier

Julian May
Poem: On the Air

Miguel Molina
Poem: Covent Garden

Salah Niazi
Poem: Flat Hunting

Emal Pasarly
Fiction: Time Translated from the Pashto by S Junaid

Igor Pomerantzev
A Life Spend on Short Wave Translated from the Russian by Frank Williams

S Shankaramurthi
Poem: Aberfan Translated fom the Tamil by Keith Bosley

Achala Sharma
Excerpt: from Rishta [The Proposal]

Zuzana Slobodová
Velvet Revolution in Reading

Daniel Weissbort
János Pilinszky and Ted Hughes

Gwyneth Williams
100 per cent Proof Cheer (With a cheer for Joseph Roth)


Ruth Fainlight
Daniel Weissbort, ed Moden Poetry in Translation 22 (2003): 'Poets at Bush House: The BBC World Service'

Mitchell Albert
Anthony Rudolf Zigzag

Hamid Ismailov
Alexander Pokrovsky and Alexander Terekhov Sea Stories/Army Stories
Olga Slavnikova and Natasha Perova, ed Squaring the Circle: Winners of the Debut Prize for Fiction

Linton Kwesi Johnson
Colin Grant I & I: The Natural Mystics

Kiran Hassan
Mirza Waheed The Collaborator
Sunjeev Sohota Ours are the Streets

Clemency Schofield
Ebab Lotayef To Love a Palestinian Woman
William Parry Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine

Toni Kan
Helon Habila Oil on Water

Tolu Ogunlesi
Dinaw Mengestu How to Read the Air
E C Osondu Voice of America

Lizzy Attree
Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani I Do Not Come to You by Chance

Lydia Beyoud
Samuel Shimon, ed Beirut 39: New Writing From the Arab World

Mithu Banerji
Elleke Boehmer Sharmilla, and Other Portraits
Dawn Promislow Jewels and Other Stories

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