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Issue 71, Autumn 2012

Wasafiri 71


Fiction by Marina Buvailo, Dzekashu MacViban, Anna de Vaul

Life Writing by Beverley Naidoo

Poems by Jacqueline Bishop, Anthony Joseph, Jorge Palma and Ines P Rivera Prosdocimi

Interviews with H M Naqvi and Jafar Panahi

Art Essay on the interplay between the work of Frida Kahlo and Donald Rodney

Articles on literatures of metropolitan capital, reflections from the 2011 Jaipur Literary Festival  and racism, violence and identity in Mike Phillips's crime fiction

Reviews of Kamau Brathwaite's Elegguas, Earl Lovelace's Is just A Movie, Rafik Schami's The Calligrapher's Secret, Tahmima Anam's The Good Muslim and Mohammed Hanif's Our Lady of Alice Bhatti


Beverley Naidoo
'Christmas visits ... Don't worry': An Extract from Death of an Idealist: In Search of Neil Aggett

Shiva Rahbaran
An Interview with Jafar Panahi

Richard Hamilton
'The Man with the Red Lantern': Encounters with the Last Storytellers of Morocco

Monique Roffey
Earl Lovelace and Monique Roffey: A Conversation in Cascade

Eddie Chambers
Art Essay: Who'd a Thought It?: Exploring the Interplay between the Work of Frida Kahlo and Donald Rodney

Jacqueline Bishop

Jorge Palma

Ines P Rivera Prosdocimi

Anthony Joseph

Avaes Mohammad
An Interview with H M Naqvi

Tabish Khair
The Literatures of Metropolitan Capital

Jocelyn Watson
The Struggle to be Heard: Reflections from the Sidelines of the 2011 Jaipur Literature Festival

Marta Sofía López
Racism, Violence and Identity: Mike Phillips's Crime Fiction

Marina Buvailo
Fiction: Go

Dzekashu MacViban
Fiction: The Bonfire of the Vanities

Anna de Vaul
Fiction: The Other Side of the Fence


Malachi McIntosh
Review Essay: Writing Now
Hari Kunzru Gods Without Men
Eric Doumerc and Roy McFarlane, ed Celebrate Wha? Ten Black British Poets from the Midlands
Jonathan P Sell Allusion, Identity and Community in Recent British Writing

Pavan Kumar Malreddy
Robert Spencer Cosmopolitanism Criticism and Postcolonial Literatures
Anthony Carrigan Postcolonial Tourism, Literature, Culture, and the Environment

Ole Birk Laursen
Alan Rice Creating Memorials, Building Identities: The Politics of Memory in the Black Atlantic
Sarah de Mul Colonial Memory: Contemporary Women's Travel Writing in Britain and the Netherlands

Madhu Krishnan
Gail Low Publishing the Postcolonial: Anglophone West African and Caribbean Writing in the UK 1948-1968
Neil ten Kotenaar Postcolonial Literature and the Impact of Literacy: Reading and Writing in African and Caribbean Fiction

Sadiqa Beg
Kamau Brathwaite Elegguas

Stephanie Decouvelaere
Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley Thiefing Sugar: Eroticism bewteen Women in Caribbean Literature
Opal Palmer Adisa and Donna Aza Weir-Soley ed, Caribbean Erotic: Poetry, Prose & Essays

Denise deCaires Narain
Earl Lovelace Is just A Movie

Humaira Saeed
Mohsin Hamid Moth Smoke
Mohammed Hanif Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Sridala Swami
Tahmima Anam The Good Muslim

Rebecca Gould
Rafik Schami The Calligrapher's Secret

Geoffrey V Davis
Bernth Lindfors, ed The Dennis Brutus Tapes: Essays at Autobiograph

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