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Issue 73

Wasafiri 73

Issue 73: Spring 2013

Fiction by Vincent Czyz, Gabriel Gbadamosi, Ian Madden and Jessica Stilling

Poems by Fekade Azeze, Anannya Dasgupta, Sasenarine Persaud and Joshua Willey

Interviews with Khin Aung Aye, James Byrne and Moris Farhi

Articles on Joseph Zobel's Letters of Migration and Salman Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh

Art Essay on Michel Jean Cazabon 1813-1888

Reviews of Nadine Gordimer's Telling Times: Writing and Living 1954-2008, Jeet Thayil's Narcopolis, Maggie Harris's After a visit to a botanical garden, Jean 'Binta' Breeze's Third World Girl and Christie Watson's Tiny Sunbirds Far Away


Alison Donnell

Gabriel Gbadamosi
Fiction: Tribal Scars - An Extract from Vauxhall

Fekade Azeze
Poem translated by the author and Chris Beckett

Parvati Nair
Beirut: City of Lines

Mitchell Albert
Poetry and Conversation with Moris Farhi

Jessica Stilling
Fiction: Failing to Find Seurat

Jean Khalfa
Joseph Zobel in Paris

Emily Zobel Marshall and Jenny Zobel
'Dans Cette Immensite Tumultueuse' (In This Vast Tumult): Joseph Zobel's Letters of Migration

Sasenarine Persaud

Lawrence Scott
Finding a Story for a Novel: Michel Jean Cazabon 1813-1888

Joshua Willey

Vincent Czyz
Fiction: Moon of Drunken Mists

Ashok Bery
Encounters with Burmese Poetry: Khin Aung Aye and James Byrne in Conversation

Iam Madden
Fiction: Emergency (Male)

Anannya Dasgupta

Kugu Tekin
Images inside Words: Framing the visual in Salman Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh

Winners of the Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2012


Brendan Nicholls
Nadine Gordimer Telling Times: Writing and Living 1954-2008
Nadine Gordimer Life Times: Stories 1952-2007

Alastair Hagger
Jeet Thayil Narcopolis

Devindra Kohli
Alice Walker The Chicken Chronicles: A Memoir

Moira Richards
Maggie Harris After a visit to a botanical garden
Sheree Mack Family Album
Laurell 'Yaya' Richards The Frock & Other Poems

Erika Jeffers
Ian Dieffenthaller and Maggie Harris, ed Sixty Poems for Haiti
Jennifer Rahim Redemption Rain
Jean 'Binta' Breeze Third World Girl

Natsayi Sithole
Cecil Browne Feather Your Tingaling
Olumide Popoola this is not about sadness

Obiama Ofoego
Bonnie Greer Langston Hughes: The Value of Contradiction
F Abiola Irele The Negritude Moment: Exploration in Francophone African Writing and Caribbean Literature and Thought

Sarah Brouillette
Rashmi Sadam English Heart, Hindi Heartland: The Political Life of Literature in India

Sukhdev Sandhu
Ruth Maxey South Asian Atlantic Literature 1970-2010

Birte Heidemann
Karen Gabriel Melodrama and the Nation: Sexual Economies of Bombay Cinema 1970-2000
Rini Bhattacharya Mehta and Rajeshwari V Pandharipande, ed Bollywood and Globalization: Indian Popular Cinema, Nation and Disapora

Sule Emmanuel Egya
Kanchana Ugbabe Soulmates
Christie Watson Tiny Sunbirds Far Away

Anjuli Pandavar
Shereen Pandit A Blues
Mark R Thornton Kid Moses
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