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Issue 88

Wasafiri 88: Print Activisim in Twenty-First-Century Africa

Issue 88: Winter 2016

Print Activisim in Twenty-First-Century Africa

Issue 88: Winter 2016

Print Activisim in Twenty-First-Century Africa

Fiction by Efemia Chela and Felwine Sarr

Poems by Mervyn Morris, Nick Makoha, Ladan Osman, Daouda Ndiaye, Ola Nwaozuzu-Ekechukwu and Dorothea Smartt

Interviews with Sulaiman Adebowale, Marcelin Volunda Etoa, Elisabeth Daldoul, Marie-Paule Huet, Ali Hussein, Mamadou Aliou Sow and Sarah White

Articles on African publishing in the twenty-first century, a survey of fourteen African publishers, how books matter and publishing for pleasure in Zimbabwe

Art Essay on digital art and the Tunisian Revolution

Reviews of Goh Poh Seng's Tall Tales and MisAdventures of a Young Westernized Gentleman, Anthony Reed's Freedom Time, Chigozie Obioma's The Fisherman, Caryl Phillips's The Lost Child and Sébastien Doubinsky's The Song of Synth


Ruth Bush and Madhu Krishnan

Ruth Bush
African connections at New Beacon Books: A conversation with Sarah White and Ali Hussein

Mervyn Morris

Emma Shercliff
African publishing in the twenty-first century

Mary Jay and Emma Shercliff
A survey of fourteen African publishers: Cassava Republic, Chimurenga, E&D, Femrite, Fountain Publishers, Kachifo, Kwani, Mkuki na Nyota, Modjaji Books, Parresia, SLWS, Storymoja, Sub-Saharan Publishers, Weaver Press

Raphaël Thierry
Amalion Publishing: An Interview with Sulaiman Adebowale

Translated from the French by Sulaiman Adebowale

Raphaël Thierry
Clé Publishing: An Interview with Marcelin Vounda Etoa

Translated from the French by Claire Wadie

Raphaël Thierry
Elyzad: An Interview with Elisabeth Daldoul

Translated from the French by Emma La Fontaine Jackson

Raphaël Thierry
Ganndal Publishing: An Interview with Mamadou Aliou Sow and Marie-Paule Huet

Translated from the French by Claire Wadie

Efemia Chela
Fiction: Mont de Venus

Kate Wallis
How Books Matter: Kwani Trust, Farafina, Cassava Republic Press and the Medium of Print

Nick Makoha

Irene Staunton
Publishing for Pleasure in Zimbabwe: The Experience of Weaver Press

Ladan Osman

Nathalie Carré

From local to global: new paths for publishing in Africa

Daouda Ndiaye

Translated from the Wolof into French and English by the author

Ola Nwaozuzu-Ekechukwu

Translated from the Igbo by the author

Siobhán Shilton
Digital Art and the Tunisian Revolution: Urban Interventions and Aesthetics of Contingency

Dorothea Smartt

Felwine Sarr
Fiction: Teibashin

Translated from the French by Georgina Collins


Stephanie Bosch Santana
Review Essay: New Pan-Africanisms Online

Louisa Olufsen Layne
Dream to Change the World’: The Life and Legacy of John La Rose, Islington Museum, London, 22 May – 29 August 2015

No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960-1990, Guildhall Art Gallery, London, 10 July 2015 – 24 January 2016

Margaret Busy
2015: A Year of Being Connected, Exhibition-wise

Sukhdev Sandhu
Goh Poh Seng Tall Tales and MisAdventures of a Young Westernized Gentleman

Aurogeeta Das James Proctor and Bethan Benwell Reading Across Worlds: Transnational Book Groups and the Reception of Difference

Valerie L Popp
Anthony Reed Freedom Time

Tammy L Brown City of Islands

Ronald Adamolekun
Chigozie Obioma The Fisherman

Svetlana Stefanova
Caryl Phillips The Lost Child

Isabel Petiot
Sébastien Doubinsky The Song of Synth

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