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Issue 95

Wasafiri 95

Issue 95

Editorial Rukhsana Yasmin

Interviews with Jennifer Makumbi, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Nuar Alsadir

Articles Making Readers: BookTrust’s Multicultural Programming in the Creative-Economy Context by John Coleman,  Rewriting Eve: Spoken Word Poetry as Feminist Narrative by Julie Xuan

Art Sonia Khurana - The Contemporary Art of Relationality

Fiction by Deepa Annapara, Rupam Baoni, Lauren Kosa, Revathi Krishnaswamy

Poetry by Michelle Bonczek, Olly Mort, Cato Pedder, Sasenarine Persaud

Reviews: Eva Rask Knudsen & Ulla Rahbek In Search of the Afropolitan; Francis Combes, ed Poets and the Algerian War; Gloria Ifill Echoes of the Past; Christina Sharpe In the Wake: On Blackness and Being; Ann-Margaret Lim Kingston Buttercup; Hilal Chouman Limbo Beirut: Emerging Voices from the Middle East; and more...

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