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Issue 97, Spring 2019

Wasafiri 97

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Editorial by Susheila Nasta and Rukhsana Yasmin

Interviews with JJ Bola, Ania Loomba and Suvir Kaul, Salima Hashmi

Articles Britain, the Caribbean and the Ghost of Jean Rhys in Caryl Phillips's Writing; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the Ethics of Texture and Messiness; Sound has no Colour: June Jordan and Amos Tutuola

Art Therese Hadchity

Fiction by Wambui Kimani, Troy Onyango and others

Poetry by Maggie Harris, Mark Kaye, Theodore Worozbyt, Changming Yuan, L Kiew

Reviews: Guy Gunaratne In Our Mad And Furious City; Katrina Daly Thompson Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings; Chris Power Mothers; Sarala Krishnamurthy and Helen Vale, eds Writing Namibia: Literature in Transition; Jennifer Rahim Curfew Chronicles; Peter Kimani Dance of the Jakaranda;

and more...


Susheila Nasta with Rukhsana Yasmin                                              Editorial

James Kelman                                                                                     Sound Has No Colour: June Jordan and Amos Tutuola

Troy Onyango                                                                                     Fiction: Table for Two

Wendy O Shea-Meddour                                                                    Interview with JJ Bola

Theodore Worozbyt                                                                            Poems

Therese Hadditchy                                                                             Both Centre and Margin: Alternative Spaces and Artists’ Networks in the Anglophone Caribbean Relationality

Nauman Khalid                                                                                   Interview with Salima Hashmi

Lisa Kiew                                                                                           Poems

Mark Kaye                                                                                          Poems

Matthew Lecznar                                                                                Intellectual Interventions: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the Ethics of Texture and Messiness

Dietrik Vanderhill                                                                               Fiction: Posteriority

Maggie Harris                                                                                     Poems

David Johnson                                                                                    In Conversation: Ania Loomba and Suvir Kaul

Changming Yuan                                                                                Poems

Bénédicte Ledent                                                                                ‘There is always the other side, always’: Britain, the Caribbean and the Ghost of Jean Rhys in Caryl Phillips’s Writing

Mary Kimani                                                                                       Fiction: Jacaranda Blossoms


Julian Wacker                                                                                     Review Essay

Guy Guneratne In Our Mad and Furious City                 

Nikesh Shukla Run, Riot

David Chariandy Brother

Tabish Khair                                                                                       Avadhesh Kumar Singh, ed.

Valmiki Ramayana

Christopher Rosana                                                                            Thompson, Katrina Daly

Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings

Burton, Antoinette Africa in the Indian Imagination: Race and the Politics of Postcolonial Citation

W B Gooderham                                                                                 Chris Power Mothers

W B Gooderham                                                                                 William Trevor Last Stories

Alastair Niven                                                                                     Sarala Krishnamurthy and Helen Vale, eds. Writing Namibia: Literature in Transition

Laëtitia Saint-Loubert                                                                         Jennifer Rahim Curfew Chronicles

Lasana M. Sekou Book of the Dead

Madeline Clements                                                                             Muneeza Shamsie Hybrid Tapestries: The Development of Pakistani Literature in English

Mohammad Farhan                                                                             Rochelle Potkar Four Degrees of Separation

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley The Wanderers Come Home

Varaidzo                                                                                             Peter Kimani Dance of the Jakaranda

Jo Collins                                                                                            Maxine Lavon Montgomery eds

Conversations with Edwidge Danticat

Bernadine Evaristo                                                                             Michelle Jana Chan Song

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