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Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
About this bundle
Translating Lives
About this bundle
Issue 111, Autumn 2022

Wasafiri 111: Translating Lives

Edited by Farhaana Arefin and Malachi McIntosh, Wasafiri 111: Translating Lives considers translation as a practice and as a metaphor for all creative writing. With fiction from Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o and Chinmay Sharma, a conversation with Will Harris, a special selection of life writing curated by Nina Mingya Powles and Stacey Teague, poetry from Hu Xudong, Jane Wong, and more, it's an issue that delves into the heart of what translation means for the writer, translator, and reader.



The Intimate, Impossible Act of Translation 
Farhaana Arefin


Reading Black Childhoods in Chains and Crongton Knight
Nicole King

Translation as Culture in the Age of the Machine
Naomi Wells

Spoken Wor(l)ds: Anglophone, Poetry, Translation 
Akshya Saxena

Life Writing

Mother Tongues: Introduction; The Second Coming of Babel; It's Kool To Kōrero; Losing and Finding Marathi; Language Happenings
Nina Mingya Powles, Zahra Patterson, Stacey Teague, Archana Madhavan, and Victoria Adukwei Bulley

The Shivering Rope: On Translating My Mother's Poetry
Nandana Dev Sen and Nabaneeta Dev Sen


The Politics and Ethics of Translation: A Conversation with Mona Baker and Vincente L Rafael
Loredana Polezzi

Rediscovering Self, Race, and Class Through Cultural Translation: An Interview with Will Harris
Jennifer Wong

‘Rehearsal for the World-Building Outside of Colonialism': A Conversation with Leanne Betsamosake Simpson and Billy-Ray Belcourt
Nisha Ramayya


Taste of Salt/'Goute Sel: Artistic Collaboration at the Ghetto Biennale
Katy Beinart with Mabelle Williams


Hostile Environment
Chinmay Sharma

Nyambura and the Multi-Coloured Bird
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o


我们身上的动物/Our Bodies’ Animals; 新年/New Years
Hu Xudong, translated by Eleanor Goodman

Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Jane Wong

Rhiya Pau


Review Essay: Translating Lives, Lives Translated
Strange Beasts of China – Yan Ge, trans. by Jeremy Tiang
The Hummingbird – Sandro Veronesi, trans. by Elena Pala
That Was – Sarayu Srivatsa
Florian Stadtler

The Last One – Fatima Daas, trans. by Lara Vergnaud
Daisy Sainsbury

The Book of Reykjavik – Vera Júlíusdóttir and Becca Parkinson, eds, foreword by Sjón
Rory McTurk

Black Box – Shiori Ito, trans. by Allison Markin Powell
Monkey Man – Takuji Ichikawa, trans. by Lisa Lilley and Daniel Lilley
Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Songs We Learn from Trees: An Anthology of Ethiopian Amharic Poetry – Chris Beckett and Alemu Tebeje, eds and trans.
Sara Marzagora

Tomb of Sand – Geetanjali Shree, trans. by Daisy Rockwell
Harish Trivedi

Parallel Movement of the Hands: Five Unfinished Longer Works – John Ashbery
Joshua Kotin and John Lennox

Gooseman –M G Sanchez
Christine Berberich

The Yak Dilemma – Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal
A God at the Door – Tishani Doshi
Lopamudra Basu

A Passage North – Anuk Arudpragasam
An Island – Karen Jennings
Yagnishsing Dawoor

The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports: African Literature of Travel in the Twenty-First Century – Isabel Balseiro and Zachariah Rapola, eds. 
Brenda Cooper

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