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Issue 117, Spring 2024

Wasafiri 117: The State of the Industry

We start our 40th anniversary year with Wasafiri 117, which has a special focus on ‘The State of the Industry’. Our spring 2024 issue reflects on the contemporary international literary industry through a variety of perspectives, from publishing to academia, via the work of writing, translating, editing, publishing, and teaching.

Featuring an exceptional line-up of interviews, with Alexander Chee and Isabel Waidner, Margo Jefferson, and Elaine Castillo, as well as a lead feature from Jen Calleja and new poetry from Meena Kandasamy, Andrés N Ordorica, and Yilin Wang this issue is essential reading for anyone existing within today’s literary spheres. In this issue, you’ll also get a chance to meet the eagerly awaited winners of our 2023 Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize and Essay Prize.



The Sound of Freedom
Sana Goyal

Lead Feature

Custard Pies
Jen Calleja


Uprooted in the 'Postcolonial' Moment: Attia Hosain's No New Lands, No New Seas
Mobeen Hussain

Spectral Trans Figures: The Ambiguous and Atemporal Hijra Body in Narcopolis
Karthik Shankar

Writing In/Against the Academy: Contemporary Biomythographies by Women of Colour
Georgia Lin

Life Writing

Absent Presence
Nasia Sarwar-Skuse

Dambore Dambore: Bidding Goodbye to Mauritian Bhojpuri
Vedita Cowaloosur

Life in the UK
S J Kim


Creativity and Capitalism: Alexander Chee and Isabel Waidner in Conversation
Alexander Chee and Isabel Waidner

The Critic at Work and Play: In Conversation with Margo Jefferson
Franklin Nelson

High Stakes: Elaine Castillo on Being Better Readers
Katie Goh


Letter from Kingston
Annie Paul


That Which We Call a Rose
Sharika Nair

Caitlin Stobie


Vows; Salt
Amara Amaryah

Meena Kandasamy

Memory Map
Andrés N Ordorica

Mother, Earth — A Colloquy
Swati Rana

A Glossary for Moving Overseas
Yilin Wang

Review Essay

On The Luxury of Writing with Honesty

A Horse at Night: On Writing – Amina Cain

Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art – Lauren Elkin

Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma – Claire Dederer

Zeba Talkhani


Out of Sri Lanka: Tamil, Sinhala & English Poetry from Sri Lanka & Its Diasporas – Vidyan Ravinthiran, Seni Seneviratne, and Shash Trevett, eds
Adrija Ghosh

River in an Ocean: Essays on Translation – Nuzhat Abbas, ed
Letters to a Writer of Color – Deepa Anappara and Taymour Soomro, eds
Chandrica Barua

Disorientation – Elaine Hsieh Chou
The Unfortunates – J K Chukwu
Vika Mujumdar

Kibogo – Scholastique Mukasonga trans by Mark Polizzotti
No Edges – Multiple authors and translators
Mayada Ibrahim

White Literary Taste Production in Contemporary Book Culture – Alexandra Dane
Reading Bestsellers: Recommendation Culture and the Multimodal Reader – Danielle Fuller and DeNel Rehberg Sedo
Torsa Ghosal

Mister N – Najwa Barakat trans. by Luke Leafgren
Traces of Enayat – Iman Mersal. Translated by Robin Moger
Lara El Mekaui

The Centre – Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi
Meet Us by the Roaring Sea – Akil Kumarasamy
Dur e Aziz Amn

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