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Issue 86

Wasafiri 86: Unsettled Poetics - Contemporary Australian and South African Poetry

Issue 86: Summer 2016

Unsettled Poetics: Contemporary Australian and South African Poetry

Poems by Ali Cobby Eckerman, Kate Fagan, Harry Garuba, Michael Farrell, Natalie Harkin, Nunke Khadimo, Ingrid de Kok, Rustum Kozain, Antjie Krog, Astrid Lorange, Peter Minter, Mxolisi Nyezwa and Karen Press

Interviews with Ali Cobby Eckerman and Rustum Kozain

Articles on Australian Deceptions: definitions of craft, 'formal' vs 'sociological' criticism in Black South African poetry, the poetics of Guy Butler, and reading adolescent female sexuality and sexual abuse in the poetry of Genna Gardini and Kate Lilley

Art Essay on Australian Portraiture and Indigeneity

Reviews of Michael Farrell's Cocky's Joy, Ali Cobby Eckerman's Ruby Moonlight and Inside my Mother, Stacy Hardy's Because the Night, Rob Doyle's This is the Ritual, Helen Oyeyemi' Boy, Snow, Bird, Sharon Millar's The Whale House, Tamim Sadikali's Dear Infidel  and Sonali Perera's No Country: Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization 


Ben Etherington

Ingrid de Kok
'Whole Words, Whole Worlds?': Between 'Parts of Speech' and 'Body Parts'

Ali Cobby Eckerman
Poems: 'Inside My Mother' and 'Deaths in Custody'

Ben Etherington
An Interview with Ali Cobby Eckerman

Mxolisi Nyezwa
Poem: 'Our Last Sharpeville'

Michael Farrell
Australian Deceptions: Some Definitions of Craft

Natalie Harkin
Poem: 'Garden Musings'

Mxolisi Nyezwa
Poem: 'There Are Many Things About Us That Speak of Hope'

Kelwyn Sole
The Endless Deferral of Value: 'Formal' vs 'Sociological' Criticism in Black South African Poetry

Nunke Khadimo, Antjie Krog and Karen Press
A Sequence

Karen Fagan
Poem: 'Heart Sayings'

John Mateer
In Your Face: Recent Australian Portraiture and Indigeneity

Michael Farrell
Poem: 'The Anglophone Cloud'

Astrid Lorange
Poem: 'Assemblage or history'

Jarad Zimbler
Guy Butler's Poetry and Poetics: Beyond Postcolonialism & Prac. Crit.

Peter Minter
Poems: 'Open Season' and 'The Hunter'

Harry Garuba
Poems: 'Home Owner', 'Motion Verb' and 'Leaving Home at 10'

Ann Vickery
When She Refuses to Settle: Reading Adolescent Female Sexuality and Sexual Abuse in the Poetry of Genna Gardini and Kate Lilley

Natalie Harkin
Poem: 'Surveillance'

Rustum Kozain
Poem: 'Exhaustus'

Hedley Twidle
An Interview with Rustum Kozain

Ingrid de Kok
Poem: 'When people love their land'


Bonny Cassidy
Review Essay: Imaginative Farming: Michael Farrell's Cocky's Joy

Finuala Dowling
Denis Hirson, ed In the Heat of the Shadows: South African Poetry 1996-2013
Patricia Schonstein, ed Heart of Africa! Poems of Love, Loss and Longing
David Goldkorn and Johann de Lange, ed Carapace 100

Anique Kruger
Allan Kolski Horwitz and Mandi ‘Poefficient’ Vundla Home Is Where the Mic Is: 24 Poets of the Page and Stage

Mridula Nath Chakraborty
Ali Cobby Eckerman Ruby Moonlight
Ali Cobby Eckerman Inside my Mother

Marian De Saxe
John Mateer emptiness, Asian Poems 1998-2012
Nandi Chinna Swamp: walking the wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plane
Caitlin Maling Conversations I’ve Never Had
Jenna Woodhouse Dreams of Flight

W B Gooderham
Stacy Hardy Because the Night
Rob Doyle This is the Ritual

Charles Wolford
Helen Oyeyemi Boy, Snow, Bird
Sharon Millar The Whale House

Claire Chambers
Tamim Sadikali Dear Infidel
Qaisra Shahraz Revolt

Divya Dubey
Sunjeev Sahota The Year of the Runaways
Majula Padmanabhan The Island of Lost Girls

Valerie L Popp
Priscila Uppal Sabotage
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha Bodymap

E Dawson Varuguese
Binita Mehta and pia Mukherji, ed Postcolonial Comics: Texts, Events, Identities

David Firth
Sonali Perera No Country: Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization
Eleni Coundoriotis The People’s Right to the Novel: War Fiction in the Postcolony

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