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Issue 96, Winter 2018

Wasafiri 96: Korea - Divisions and Borders 

Guest Edited by Phillip Y Kim and Krys Lee

Editorial by Phillip Y Kim & Krys Lee

Interviews with Chang-rae Lee, Jang Jin-sung, Jung Yewon with Jung Young Moon, Sora Kim-Russell with Pyun Hye-Young

Articles Private Life of the Nation, Between Tradition and Modernity, Representing Seoul

Art Heashin Kwak: Division and Diaspora

Fiction by Yun I-hyeong, Jung Jidon, Ha Seong-nan, Ch'ŏn Un-yŏng, Jung Young Moon

Poetry by Pak Jeong-dae, Han Kang, Kim Ki-taek, Song Gyeong-don, Kim Seung-Hee, Kim So-yeon, Sin Yong-Mok

Reviews: Mary Lynn Bracht White Chrysanthemum; Eugenia Kim The Kinship of Secrets; R O Kwon The Incendiaries; Pyun Hye-young City of Ash and Red; Hwang Sok Young Familiar Things; Kim Young-ha I Have the Right to Destroy Myself, Black Flower, Your Republic is Calling You; Han Yujoo The Impossible Fairytale


Guest Edited by Phillip Kim and Krys Lee

Phillip Kim and Krys Lee                               Editorial: Divisions and Borders

Minsoo Kang                                                  Between Tradition and Modernity: The Place of Classic Hangeul Fiction in the History of Korean Literature

Krys Lee                                                         Chang-rae Lee with Krys Lee

Yun I-hyeong                                                  Fiction: Luka

Han Kang                                                        Poems

Hyungji Park                                                   Article: Representing Seoul: Techno-Orientalism and the Future of Reproduction in Cloud Atlas

Jung Yewon                                                    In Conversation with Jung Young Moon

Jung Young Moon                                          Fiction: Vaseline Buddha

Park Jeong-dae                                                Poem: On The Leftist Leaning Evening I Listen to Tom Waits

Song Gyeong-dong                                         Poem: In Cancun, Mexico

Kim Ki-taek                                                    Poems: In Berkeley, An Old Man Going Up the Stairs

Steven Capener                                               Private Life of the Nation: A Cautionary Tale of Korean Unification

Ch’ŏn Un-yŏng                                               Fiction: The Catcher in the Loft

Shirley Lee                                                      Interview with Jang Jin-sung

Heashin Kwak                                                Art Piece: Minjung Kim, Jimin Lee, Seahyun Lee, Young In Hong

Ha Seong-nan                                                 Fiction: Nightmare

Sin Yong-Mok                                                Poem: Dress

Kim So-yeon                                                   Poem: Like People Parting

Kim Seung-Hee                                              Poem: Seoul Melancholy 3

Sora Kim-Russell                                            In Conversation with Pyun Hye-Yeong

Jung Jidon                                                       Fiction: The Blind Owl


Charles La Shure                                            Review Essay

Kim Young-ha I Have the Right to Destroy Myself

Kim Young-ha Black Flower

Kim Young-ha Your Republic is Calling You

Diya Mitra                                                       Hwang Sok Young Familiar Things

Kari Schenk                                                    Eugenia Kim The Kinship of Secrets

Mary Lynn Bracht White Chrysanthemum

Sophie Bowman                                             Han Yujoo The Impossible Fairytale

Pyun Hye-young City of Ash and Red

Jae Kim                                                           R O Kwon The Incendiaries

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